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CRYSIS - Great Visual & Gameplay Game by EA

Posted by BuzzMe on Saturday, September 13, 2008

Publisher:  EA Games
Developer:  Crytek
Genre:  Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter
Release Date:  Nov 13, 2007 (more) 
Minimum System Requirements:
System:  Intel P4 2.8 GHz / AMD Athlon 2800+ / Intel Core 2.0 GHz or equivalent
RAM:  1024 MB
Hard Drive Space:  6000 MB
Video: NVIDIA 6800 GT 256 MB / ATI X800 Pro 256 MB or better

My Review

Crysis is a really great game. It combines strategy and action into one amazing game. The graphics make the game all the more intense. If you want to savour the game you better get your computer upgraded to the max because this game is worth every penny you use on upgrading your computer. It barely worked on my computer but i am happy the way it is.

The great thing about Crysis is how the way the AI bots interact with the game. Its not like those other games where they would just stand there and start shooting at you. It's the type of game where they actually take cover. The annoying thing is that SOMEHOW they know of your presence even though you are invisible.
The Nano-suit makes the game even better. I said strategy at the beginning because you need to plan on how you use your suit. You have 4 powers. Super-strength, super-speed, super armor and invisibility, which is the only power that wares out. The missions are short but filled with action. In the game, you have a variety of weapons. You can pick up weapons from the floor for ammo or you can pick up weapons you don't have. You can also upgrade thee weapons with silencers and flashlights and scopes and many other things... depending on the type of weapon.
The variety of vehicles are small, but then again, you don'y use them much in the game.

The dissapointing feature of the game is the online multiplayer. The online lags a lot even though your connection is good, and the game only has 2 different online modes, which don't have team deathmatch. Still, you can enjoy the game without the online.
If you own a computer you MUST get this game... its worth more than what you pay for!


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